ELV Solutions & Installations

We undertake all kinds of General Maintenance/Engineering Works and Sub Contracts. However, our highly focused areas of activities are in Electrical Low Voltage Systems (ELVS) such as Building Management Systems (BMS), CCTV, Access Controls, structural cabling, assembly and installation of ELV/HVAC control panels etc.

We also support with provision of professional and skilled technical manpower for project execution related activities. We take pride in providing competent, highly skilled and dedicated Technical Personnel to install, commission, operate and maintain Electrical Low Voltage Systems (ELVS) as per our Client's requirements. Below are several categories for which we supply Technical Manpower to undertake all Operation & Maintenance Services:

  • BMS Commissioning Engineers
  • BMS/ ELV Technician
  • Electrical Draughtsman
  • Document Controller

Key Projects