Panel Building & Electrical Installation

All panels supplied by Semoga are built and tested to your standards and the latest directives, using the highest quality materials and components. All work is fully tested and subject to rigorous quality controls. Panels can be customized and adapted to suit the application and space requirements, including on-site panel modifications.

With our panel workshop we are able to produce any style, any specification and any specialty from small FCU or VAV control panels to wall mounted, floor standing DDC Panel.

We specialize in the design of BMS control systems, control panel supply & installation in the heating ventilation and air conditioning industry.

Our engineers have over 10 years’ experience in design and manufacture of control panels and have worked with a wide range of energy efficient hardware.

We have rapidly become a trusted provider of quality control panels, panel modifications and on site refurbishments for a number of clients.

Our manufacturing engineers have experience in the following systems:

  • Johnson Controls Systems
  • Trend systems
  • Honeywell systems
  • Siemens systems

We can also modify existing control panels on site, i.e. add starters for extra plant, etc. We also carry out retrofits on existing control panels, where the existing panel is removed and replaced with a new control panel to serve the existing or new plant to be fed from the panel and drawings are produced or updated to reflect the changes.

Whether your project involves the design, construction and Installation of systems or replacement parts and maintenance Service, our goal is to be the one-stop solution for your Control needs.

Projects of any size, from small to large heating & ventilation control systems can be completed on time and within budget constraints.

All Control panels are manufactured using recognized branded parts such as Schneider, Rittal, ABB, ELCA etc. and that are readily available for maintenance of the panels.

As we also install the panels when required, positioning of Equipment and ease of installation is constantly being assessed to improve the installation process.